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Allie is new to Fredericksburg Virginia and is eager to share her passion for connection and heart for community! Allie began her yoga journey in 2015 with self practice. She fell in love with the lifestyle of yoga and was determined to get certified in 2018 with her 200RYT through Jaimis Huff Yoga when she was living in North Carolina. Continuing her education she advanced her training with a Rocket Vinyasa Certification from Baba Rocket and Jaimis Huff Yoga and a CHAKTI Yoga training from Lauren Mcabee. What she loves most about yoga is that it holds the power to help us become present to the divinity within, connected with ourselves, and the world around us. "Radical self acceptance can transform you and seep into all areas of your life. When you become aware of your power and how truly magical you are everything starts to shift. It is my goal to spark a glimmer of that in every class." It lights my soul up when I get to help someone through movement, holistic wellness, and love.


PITAYO Circuit

Carmenza is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. She has an education in the Biological Sciences and Public Health. Carmenza has been practicing as a scientist for over 20 years in many different specialties ranging from molecular biology to cancer research and drug development. Her most rewarding job as a Scientist has been teaching her trade-craft to others. She is also a certified Nutrition coach! 

Since her youth, Carmenza has been interested in health and fitness. As an adult, she has enjoyed functional fitness and strength training.. Teaching PITAIYO Circuit, which is Pilates, TAI Chi, Yoga combined with the cardio of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Plyometrics has offered a more recent challenge.


Carmenza focuses on proper and safe execution of exercise movement as she would rather see quality over quantity. She loves teaching and working out so what better hobby than a PITAIYO instructor? She is also the proud Momma of a very protective and cuddly Puggle named Molly.Her class has heart, power, and will give you one heck of a workout! 




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Dan is a Retired Navy Special Operations Officer with a passion for fitness! This passion led him to become a Maddog Spinning Instructor and an American Counsel on Exercise Certified Group Instructor in 2006, Since then Dan has been leading, encouraging, and instructing those who are ready to step fully into their fitness goals! We are stronger together. 



Functional Flexion, Personal Training

For almost a decade Marcus Lawrence has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Holding certifications in Water Aerobics, Kettlebell Instruction, as well as TRX Instruction. 


The fitness industry was a calling to Marcus, and not just due to his genuine love for exercise. Achieving goals was an addicting feeling, one that he just had to share with others. Allowing individuals to feel better, get healthy and not only meet their goals, but blow them out of the water has suddenly become not only his passion but his living.
Getting others healthy has always been a source of drive for Marcus. In 2004, he was diagnosed with Adult Onset Still’s Disease. This rare form of inflammatory arthritis can be permanent and cause permanent damage to the joints. He was treated for AOSD until 2010, when it seemed his immune system would regulate itself. Suddenly, working out wasn’t just for enjoyment, it was vital. With daily episodes of joint attacks, the muscles would have to be stronger in order to compensate for the joint failure. Luckily having a strong body kept the damage from being far worse according to the VCU doctors. However lucky he was, it wasn’t without side effects. High doses of steroids (Prednisone) confused, irregular sleep patterns and fatigue. Throughout the process exercise was the best thing Marcus could have done for his physical and mental health. 

Marcus met numerous people who had lots of different health issues and diagnoses, so he sought out to make it a career to help people become physically  functional. It could be a severe disability like CMT, or just post - rehab for minor surgery. He has trained high - school football players, bikini competitors, and cardiac patients. Knowing the medical recommendations or overall needs of the clients in order to implement them in program design is a sort of specialty, and understanding where they need to be, that there is always a goal to be reached.  There isn’t much he hasn’t learned to use, and tends to travel with sets of CAP Kettlebells and a vast knowledge of exercise variation with said kettlebells and bodyweight, and sometimes a modified Gold’s Suspension Trainer. 



Zumba, Zumba Toning, Blacklight Zumba

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