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All your questions - answered!

Membership Cancellation 

A 30-day notice to cancel is required.  Example: if your draft is July 8th,  your request to cancel must be made by June 8th. 

Membership Hold

You can place your membership on hold 3 days before your draft date, but the cancellation policy still applies. 


Guest Policy

A member may bring a guest, the first visit in free. The next visit is $10.

Guest must be 18 years or older.  Under 18 years of age, you must must have prior approval from staff. 


Membership Upgrade or Downgrade 

A membership can be changed from a single to a dual membership, and vice versa.  An add-on is $20 per month. (An add-on is not your buddy or next door neighbor), your brother, your mother, or your partner will work for us!  Annual fee will change accordingly. 


Member Referral Policy 

When a member refers a friend, you’ll get a free month. Referral must be presented prior to friend joining. No exceptions!



Drinks, Bars, and Other Purchases 

You can purchase items with cash or credit cards. 

If your credit card is on file with our in-house system, we can up charge your card at the front desk, or a text to Wayne. 


Conduct and Gym Etiquette

We have a 1% Policy at Bodyworks, 1% of our population can give us 100% of our problems…we get rid of the 1%….don’t be the 1%, just be nice!

Gym Etiquette…simple, don’t drop weights, and bars.  Put weights back where they belong. Spray and wipe down equipment. Share the gym, it belongs to all of you. 

If something is broken, not working, or is all wet, PLEASE REPORT IT TO THE FRONT DESK OR TEXT WAYNE.  I promise, you won’t get in trouble! 




Our parking lot is for use when visiting the club for your workouts….restaurants, shopping, and overnight parking is frowned upon!

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