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Meet The Team

Allie Henderson 

Allie is our in house marketing! She has a passion for creating. Share your gym photos, or reach out to Allie for all marketing inquiries at 

Amy "Kiyaana" Limbrick

Amy combines her love for dance and staying healthy with her specialty Bellydance Fitness class at Bodyworks. She teaches this course exclusively at Bodyworks and has done so for over 10 years. Amy's background in Middle Eastern Dance styles plus her AFAA certification make for an all-around fun, unique way to stay fit.

Learn more about Amy here.

Byron Glaser


Byron was born and bred in California where being active was integrated into his lifestyle; working out, yoga and meditation have always been a passion. Byron firmly believes in the positive effect a daily exercise routine can have on the body, overall wellness, and sleep patterns. Over the years at Bodyworks Byron has have had the good fortune of substituting for classes when needed and now holds a weekly Move It class! Byron is grateful beyond words to have developed relationships through group fitness over the years that now feel like family.  In his own words, "We always welcome newcomers in and make them feel at home. In each class I try to focus on every muscle group while incorporating a good cardio workout at the same time.  We push ourselves to the best of our abilities and usually have a good laugh along the way.  Breathing and deep stretching take an important role in every class I lead.  Come on, Move it!" 

Carmenza Mikell 

Carmenza is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. She has an education in the Biological Sciences and Public Health. Carmenza has been practicing as a scientist for over 20 years in many different specialties ranging from molecular biology to cancer research and drug development. Her most rewarding job as a Scientist has been teaching her trade-craft to others. She is also a certified Nutrition coach! 
Since her youth, Carmenza has been interested in health and fitness. As an adult, she has enjoyed functional fitness and strength training.. Teaching PITAIYO Circuit, which is Pilates, TAI Chi, Yoga combined with the cardio of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Plyometrics has offered a more recent challenge.

Carmenza focuses on proper and safe execution of exercise movement as she would rather see quality over quantity. She loves teaching and working out so what better hobby than a PITAIYO instructor? She is also the proud Momma of a very protective and cuddly Puggle named Molly.Her class has heart, power, and will give you one heck of a workout! 

Tree in Costa Rica.jpg
Janice Brunson  

After thirty years of working in a public school setting as a special educator, reading specialist, and administrator, Janice welcomes the opportunity to share strategies and practices that have helped her stay balanced and centered throughout her life. Janice is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher (RYT), and is certified in Yoga, Meditation, Stress Management, Raja Yoga, and Kidding Around Yoga. She enjoys spending time at her home in Costa Rica, traveling, and family.  Her favorite phrase comes from Costa Rica, "Pura Vida", which means, "life is good"!

Marcus Lawrence  

For almost a decade Marcus Lawrence has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Holding certifications in Water Aerobics, Kettlebell Instruction, as well as TRX Instruction. 

The fitness industry was a calling to Marcus, and not just due to his genuine love for exercise. Achieving goals was an addicting feeling, one that he just had to share with others. Allowing individuals to feel better, get healthy and not only meet their goals, but blow them out of the water has suddenly become not only his passion but his living.
Getting others healthy has always been a source of drive for Marcus. In 2004, he was diagnosed with Adult Onset Still’s Disease. This rare form of inflammatory arthritis can be permanent and cause permanent damage to the joints. He was treated for AOSD until 2010, when it seemed his immune system would regulate itself. Suddenly, working out wasn’t just for enjoyment, it was vital. With daily episodes of joint attacks, the muscles would have to be stronger in order to compensate for the joint failure. Luckily having a strong body kept the damage from being far worse according to the VCU doctors. However lucky he was, it wasn’t without side effects. High doses of steroids (Prednisone) confused, irregular sleep patterns and fatigue. Throughout the process exercise was the best thing Marcus could have done for his physical and mental health. 

Marcus met numerous people who had lots of different health issues and diagnoses, so he sought out to make it a career to help people become physically  functional. It could be a severe disability like CMT, or just post - rehab for minor surgery. He has trained high - school football players, bikini competitors, and cardiac patients. Knowing the medical recommendations or overall needs of the clients in order to implement them in program design is a sort of specialty, and understanding where they need to be, that there is always a goal to be reached.  There isn’t much he hasn’t learned to use, and tends to travel with sets of CAP Kettlebells and a vast knowledge of exercise variation with said kettlebells and bodyweight, and sometimes a modified Gold’s Suspension Trainer. 

Maria Vaz 

Maria is a certified weight and fitness trainer, aerobics instructor and nutrition specialist.
With credentials from the International Sports Sciences Association, American College of Sports Medicine, American Sports & Fitness Association, International Fitness Association, The LEARN Education Center, International Correspondence School, Exercise Safety Association, Aerobics & Fitness Association of America, California Aerobic Dance, Nike Corporation and Aerobic Pipeline International.

Maria has been in the fitness industry for over thirty years, currently providing personalized training at BodyWorks Downtown and other private locations in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  In the past, Maria has trained at locations in Tampa, Florida; Manila, Philippines; Mount Vernon, New York; Tel Aviv, Israel; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cairo, Egypt and Bangkok, Thailand. Learn more about Maria on her website

Nancy Mcdaniel 

Nancy was born and raised right here in this area and has a heart for community and bringing people together. She is outgoing, outspoken and fell in love with Zumba! In 2013, she found herself weighing 252 lbs, feeling depressed and miserable. Knowing she had to do something, she ended up in the back row of a local Zumba class. An hour later, she was hooked! She made lifelong friendships and connections and lost 90 lbs in a year!! She became a certified Zumba instructor in 2015 and now brings Zumba, Zumba Toning & Black Light Zumba to BodyWorks!! "You burn just as many calories going left as you do going right!"

patty laughing 061223.jpg
Patty Sparks 

Patty is one of our longest-running instructors and has over twenty years of experience in the fitness industry. When she teaches a class or works one-on-one, her goal is always to inspire you to keep training and working through barriers. Promoting hard work, dedication, education, motivation, and discipline—with a good dose of laughter—goals can be accomplished. "As an instructor it is gratifying to see members of all fitness levels develop their physical abilities and knowledge."

Patty recently left her career in accounting with the City of Fredericksburg Parks & Recreation to focus 100% on her commitment to fitness and share her energy with you—when she’s not scuba diving or running after her lovely little granddaughter Isabella Grace.

Patty is certified in AFAA Group Fitness and Personal Training, Yogafit, Pilates, Muscle Pump, and Senior Fitness.

Tracie Massey

Lifelong resident, a hometown girl! Tracie loves family, fitness, and baseball. She is a huge Atlanta Braves fan! One of her many passions is travel!


Tracie has 25+ years in Fitness Management as a Director, Operations Manager, Group Fitness Expert, Personal Trainer and  Fitness Instructor in all formats! She can give you a good workout from old school step, Kettlebell & Strength Training, Spin, and even her own format, Roll & Recover (R&R)! Tracie also offers one on one and group personal training.


Her favorite class/activity to teach is indoor cycling, HIIT, bootcamps, and Roll & Recover!


Helen Buford

Helen’s wellness journey started in 2014 with joining the military. She trained for months in
order to lose the minimum 10lbs she needed to in order to attend basic training. She went from
190lbs pre-Army to 146lbs by the time she finished Basic Combat Training. She worked hard
day in and day out, did everything expected of her and then some, and ended up obtaining a
healthier and better functioning body than she ever knew existed.
She promised herself from that point on that she would educate herself and train safely and
efficiently to accomplish the goals that she continuously set for herself. Eventually she decided
that all that knowledge and experience she gained may be beneficial to other people as well. For
years she worked with and trained soldiers inside and outside of her organization, she became a
certified personal trainer to help individuals outside the military and she continues to take as
many courses as she can to better myself, her clients, and fellow soldiers to establish a healthy
and pain free lifestyle!

She is extremely passionate about training and sharing her knowledge to help others reach their
overall health and wellness goals. This is a commitment, and consistency is key in order to
positively impact your overall fitness and wellness!


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